Monday, May 5, 2014


There's so many unexpected things in life.
And life is moving a little bit too fast.
It was so much slower back in my younger days.
Soon, I'll be hitting the number 2 in my age.
It's somehow scary.
Like knowing that I have so much responsibilities,
for my family and also for myself.
I feel like I have not been responsible to myself.
I can look in the mirror feeling ashamed at what I am now.
This is truly a disgrace.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

This is the best time. My blog is finally dead. 
And actually it is pretty good this way.
It is like my own diary again.
Just like before.
Before it was ruined by all the other things occupying my post.
All'em stuff that eats up my days.
Now I probably have nothing to read about the past one year or so.
Yet things that happened five, six years ago is still the same.
They didn't fade away. They were still here.
They were images that I can recall as I read their trace.
I was just updating my social platform.
Like using Facebook on the desktop.
Login in my twitter, connecting through churpchurp.
Sharing feeds using the computer, is just s o  g o o d !
I miss it so much.
I guess ever since smart phones are available to do all that shit, 
I pretty much didn't bother to do all this on the computer.
But somehow, just somehow, it is different.
Those html, those editing, those detailed stuff just can't be done on the phone.
I have to say I certainly prefer using the computer.
Anyways, you probably guessed it.
Yeah, I hit the bottom, again.
That's why I am even here doing this post.
Its like an escape route, somehow.
Its like a place for me to breathe.
Just to catch my breath. 
Just to escape a little.
Just to vent.
It's pretty messy.
I kind of know what I want.
Yet I don't know what I want.
Contradicting much indeed.
I mean.
Its like I know what I don't want.
So after I don't want it, then what am I supposed to do?
What do I want after that?
Yeah, they say you can, not know what you want.
But you have to know what you don't want.
Is that true?
Because even if I know what I don't want know.
It doesn't really change anything.
Ok, enough of this confusing.
I will probably sort it out.
Hopefully before it crash me to bits. x

Friday, September 13, 2013


Its been such a long while, so... HELLO!
Yeah of course there must be something good since I haven't make any post for this long.
What I wanna share with you is something most of us does wear.
Not clothes, neither shoes. 
But Lens! Glasses! And Shades!
I know you might start worrying about where it origins from.
Like if it is from a blogshop or anything (Not trying to put down any blogshops that sell lens)
But this is from a well trusted web called...
Glassesonline is a website that sells lens, glasses and shades at a more pocket friendly price compared to retail.
And I like how they'd put the retail price besides the price they offer to let you have a comparison.
So I believe besides me, there's other 8k of people who enjoy what this website offers.
Of course, it's not only us Singaporeans who buying from Glassesonline.
All the brands they offer, including the luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Burberry and Ray ban are all 100% original and authentic. 
I strongly believe a lot of us get our contact lens online, from an unknown source.
Paying postage, worrying whether did you just got conned off you money.
Unsure about when the lens will arrive.
I have bought lens online too, and I totally face the same issues.
But now, I no longer will. For I know it's source, when it will arrive and am assured I am definitely getting my item.
Furthermore, it's delivered by Aramex.
Aramex even gave me a call to double confirm the time I'd be home to receive the item.
And usually and generally, there's no guarantee on your products.
But here, right at Glassesonline...
Plus there's so many (safer) payment mode.
Where to find you tell me?!
So I sincerely wanna thank Glassesonline!
Delivered in such secured packaging.

 And the lens I am actually wearing is Charme Mesmerize.
Which I don't often see this around, but would love to try.
It actually gave a really soft effect on the eyes and is so comfortable.
They also have Blincon, Geo, Freshkon, Freshlook, Acuvue and tons more.

So I have come to the end of this post.
Now its beneficial time for you guys!
Here's a special voucher code to get RM20 off RM100 purchase!
Good for those who wanna get frames or shades.
This gift card is valid for one time use only for all Products/Sunglasses/Glasses/Contact Lenses.
Gift code is valid until for Purchases above RM100.
This gift card can be used at and can not be combined with other promotiions or discounts.

Code : GOSugar120

Saturday, April 13, 2013


It's been a really long while.
I have no idea if anyone will still read this, but I really miss blogging.
Truth is, I am too caught up with my own life and too busy being lazy.
Anyway, there's tons of changes coming up as there's a lot of changes in my life.
I felt like I should do more that I am doing right now.
And certainly, I am impressed at what life can come to within a short time.
Overall, I am not really unhappy.
Just a little whiny about life, about work, about every little thing under the sun.
I kind of hate my job right now because of the manpower HR is giving us.
I know I am not alone in this.
There's pain in every trade.
So, I am enduring. MD is no longer the place I used to know.
Or I used to deem as my second home.
This place has turned so cold because all the angels that were guarding this place have to go.
We were separated by force. (Not physically, but in physical.)
The colleagues that I have been with for more than a year have been transferred to other outlets ):
That broke my heart a lot, a whole lot.
I mean, you can say that I am behaving like a kid.
I know this is the working society but, man, we have feelings.
We were close.
They were my only chat mates most of the times.
They guide me along regarding work or life.
There were all too nice, and I am really appreciative.
Just wanna say I miss them.
True to quotes that says, cherish them, before they are gone.
God bless.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi peeps! I am back with an advertorial for...
Solitaryride is a blogshop that has quite a wide variety of stuff.
And it is always updating new stocks for you people to shop.
Having both instocks and spree,
they are also efficient in orders and mailing.
Furthermore, I find that they offer very reasonable prices(:
Below are few of the ongoing sprees right now.
Camo tees are pretty much the trend right now.
And Solitaryride has them in long and short sleeves.
And also I think a lot of people are liking the Simpsons and Bart designs lately ^^
So good news people! All of this are available at Solitaryride!!!
Kitty face pullover, who don't love?!
Match it off with a skater skirt and you're good to go.

Dresses for you?
I am really liking this low back dress!
Lets bring sexy back.... Haha.
Besides tops and dresses, they also have bags and accessories ^^
Fashionable hobo bag or kitty tote bag?
I find this triple cross necklace and this cross short necklace really cuteeeee.
Also, I was thinking that it will be really nice to be wearing the dangling stud necklace with the spikey hair tie.
I mean, to me it'd be at good combination (:
Something different from those connected ear cuffs.
Try this skull ear cuffs for only $3 each.
And this cross all over necklace looks like an eye catching piece to me. 
Got my mail from Solitaryride quite some time ago.
Finally able to share the goodness with you guys!
Gotten the silver and black skull hair tie from Solitaryride.
Sometimes you just need some 'rock/punk' accessories to complete the 'rock/punk' look.
Thank you Solitaryride for giving me the polaroid film skin!

In so many lovely designs!
Because I used to stick my polaroid pictures beside the mirror...
Now that I took it off, the back looks really ugly because of the tape stain. 
I know usually people will use it for the front.
But well, let me tell you! 
You can use it for the back too.
(Plus if you decorated your plain polaroid or it was a cartoon polaroid, you could still make the back looks nice.

Full coverage for the back ^^

Or here's the usual way...

Lastly!!!!!!! I love the tattoo leggings that Solitaryride sells!
Check out the meow on me!
Also available in machine gun and ribbons design!
I strongly urge you guys to hop over to Solitaryride now to check out more of their items!
I am very certain you wouldn't regret it.
So wait no more, and have fun shopping, xoxo